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Current Members


Patrick Hitzfeld
patrick.hitzfeld "at" ur.de

Master student

computational chemistry on the weird behaviour of cyclobutene radical cations

Hannes Sterzel
hannes.Sterzel "at" ur.de

PhD student

computational chemistry, EPR and TR-UV-studies on Cu-photocatalysis


Patrick Sakrausky
Patrick.Sakrausky "at" chemie.uni-regensburg.de

PhD student
working on reaction path bifurcations in the formation processes of terpenoid systems

Daniel Harms-Pollak
fckx023 "at" chemie.uni-hamburg.de

PhD student in a joined project of Prof. Ralph Holl (MedChem; UHH) and PhysOrgChem (our group, UR)

Simon Malcherek

PhD student

working on breaking C-C bonds using NHCs and hunting down reaction path bifurcations

Jenny Phan

PhD student

taking the radicals in NHC-catalysis one (two, three) step further

Former members:

Stephanie-Michaela Ruser (Diplom & PhD), school teacher
Basti(an) Wulff (Diplom & PhD), industrial chemist
Clemens Mayer (BSc)
Bettina Lilly (Bsc)
Julia Erl (BSc)
Samuel Merk (BSc)
Joel Jaschek (Master; UHH)
Alexander Beckendorf (Master; UHH)
Sebastian Herrmann (Diplom, UHH),

Mieke Möller (BSc, UHH)

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