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July 2021

Friday, 16th we enjoyed the last day of lecturing with a SynCat get-together including an engaging seminar talk on sustainability given by Dr. Alexander Dauth (Merck) and an informal discussion round with pizza outside :). Also, for my CMC lecture prior to that SynCat event we had a "real" meeting for feedback and co. Really nice to see and meet up after another term of online-teaching only!!

June 2021

Thursday, 24th finally some live group meetings  with plenty of croissants and fun. :)

On Wedensday, 16th we will have our 'ladies get together' of the RTG 'ion-pairs'. Make women equal partners in science and society! Therfore I woul be very happy to discuss, if we can have a WINS (women in natural sciences) group here at the UR. Looking forward to your opinions!
May 2021

The CRC on "assembly-controlled photocatalsyis" is getting funded!!
We are part of it with our project on the NHC-boranes (see here for more details).
The collbaorative research center is actually a transregio and loacted at three differnet universities (TUM, Munich, University Leipzig and the UR, Regensburg) and benefiting from the broad range of expertieses brought in by the differnet groups.
Prof. Dr. Julia Rehbein
Universität Regensburg
Fakultät für Chemie & Pharmazie
Universitätsstrasse 31
93053 Regensburg
room: CH 23.1.85
phone: 0049-941-943-4628

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